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Manna Cigars Presents The Exquisite K2 Oscuro Toro


"In loving memory and Honor of Kevin Kelly"

August 30th 1970 – September 21st 2022 (for more click here)

The Oscuro is darker than the Maduro wrapped cigars and packs an even more flavorful smooth experience. To be honest Oscuro cigars tend to stand up to that old saying “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.” Inside this dark chocolatey goodness hides a 4 leaf Nicaraguan filler that is sure to please the senses in every puff. The binder is also Nicaraguan. The enthusiast that Lights up this stick upon the first puff should experience a smooth rich bouquet of flavor and smoke that is like a sweet incense that you would offer up to a Deity. You may also notice that the flavor and bouquet may change several times during the experience truly showcasing the complexity of the Nicaraguan 4-leaf binder blend. You simply cannot go wrong with the K2. An exquisite smoke and one you will want to keep in your humidor. For now, this stick will be available for a limited time and periodically throughout the

Wrapper: Oscuro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Aged Nicaraguan 4 blend Criollo 98

"K2" Oscuro Toro Cigar

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