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The Pomonok Selection of a Cigars is a grand inaugural campaign into the cigar game that spans back several years. Now the vision has finally come to fruition with its first cigar blends.


Sampler Pack Includes:


4 Robusto Cigars


1- Parsons

1- Kissena

1- Jewel

1- Seven-One



Jakim Morgan Cigar Aficionado, Founder of Jakim's Cigar Journal and Manna Cigars LLC has introduced a new blend of cigars called ‘The Pomonok Selection'. Jakim's inspiration for 'The Pomonok Selection, comes from the place where he was raised, located in Flushing Queens, New York in the Pomonok Houses. Pomonok sits on land once inhabited by Native Americans which is also part of Jakim's Family Ancestry. The name Pomonok is translated 'Land of Tribute' because it was where the last known Native Americans (the Matinecock) were buried.  For this reason, Jakim chose to pay tribute by naming his new unique blend of Cigars after his hometown. His ultimate idea was to incorporate the name of this new brand of unique blends by naming each cigar after the roads and streets located in Pomonok. Parsons (Parsons Blvd), Kissena (Kissena Blvd), Seven One (71st ave) and Jewel (Jewel Ave) were the names chosen.

Each Cigar exhibits a unique blend of flavors created by Jakim under the special tutelage and guidance of master cigar rollers with well over 35 years’ experience. These Cigars are made up of three different strengths mild, medium and full bodied. Jakim wanted to capture his unique blend that will make the smoking experience enjoyable to all Cigar Connoisseurs.


What a way to pay tribute to his hometown! Join Jakim by purchasing his brand-new line of Stogies presented by Manna Cigars LLC. 





Pomonok Selection Sampler Pack 3

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