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My Dear Friend Kevin Kelly

My initial thought while I began working on the blends for my new K2 Cigar, I was thinking of myself, wanting this blend, this Vitola to be my signature Cigar one that represented me.  Even desiring my face to appear on the band, but then something tragic happened. My
childhood friend passed away due to illness; his name was Kevin Kelly. 
Kevin and I grew up together in the Pomonok Houses in Flushing Queens, where we attended the same Junior High School and High School and even traveled to school together riding on
the city bus on numerous occasions. We would even share a bus pass from time to time when needed.  Upon my return home from the military some many years ago I ran into Kevin while enjoying a
cigar and to my surprise he was able to tell me the size of the cigar immediately. My friend Kevin apparently was also into cigars, and I thought wow this is great. We would discuss cigars as well as things cigar related from time to time as the years passed by.



As events in life take us on walks to our own paths and not seeing my friend Kevin in some
years but talking in passing, we kept telling each other that we would get together for a good
stick soon, along with some other cigar friends. That day never came! Unfortunately, my
childhood friend passed away.


In my sorrow, my desire was to find a way I could honor a good person and friend in a way he
would have liked and been proud of. So, I decided to name the cigar originally meant to yield my
name, after my friend Kevin Kelly. I came up with the name K2 for Kevin Kelly, to honor his
memory as a friend and fellow Cigar Enthusiast. This cigar is for you Kev, K2 I know you would have loved it. In addition, I am dedicating half of all proceeds from the K2 to Kevin Kelly’s son whom he has
left behind
In loving memory and Honor of Kevin Kelly August 30th 1970 – September 21st 2022

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